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My Own Two Eye

Rumbling across the desert sands of West Africa, two white Toyota pick-up trucks headed to a village found only via GPS and sunlight. Passing the time with funny stories and passing random travelers headed somewhere in the middle of nowhere, we headed to our destination. Hours into the rugged off-road distance.

Out of habit, our driver turned on her turn signal, and wove around a drought stricken corn patch.

In the middle of the desert. No paved roads for hours. No blinking stop lights.

With no people in sight. And certainly, no other cars.

We couldn’t help but laugh. Some habits just stay with you.

Later, stopping to visit with some local wanderers, we heard of a wedding happening in the next village. A village way beyond the horizon. Miles to trod in bare feet, but no matter, they were excited. A big day of celebration ahead!

This was one of those days full of things we would never have believed if we hadn’t seen it for ourselves.

In the middle of this culture clash, we heard a story of a guy who witnessed great animals on safari. He saw it “with his own two eye” so it had to be real! Momentary laughter for the story, but the image stuck. To this day, when I see something that seems impossible, incredible, or over the top, I announce, “I saw it with my own two eye!”

Every day someone somewhere experiences such amazement, where God moves in a way that seems impossible. Like you wouldn’t even believe it if I told you. Can’t make this stuff up. I know it sounds crazy, but this really happened. You know, that kind of stuff. The stuff miracles are made of.

Friend, God is all about the stuff miracles are made of. He is the Maker of Miracles. He is the One who moves in the lives of people in such overwhelming ways that we can’t help but say “I saw it with my own two eye! Really! Its true!”

See, when we have been touched by God, or seen Him move, we can’t keep quiet. Just like the early church. They couldn’t keep silent! Jesus, the Miracle Worker, was in their midst. The Holy Spirit came in boldness, equipping believers and empowering their message. God was on the move. He invited humanity to join Him on the journey.

That same God is with us today. He who breathed this universe and life into existence is still the One who breathes life into us.

That same Jesus saves today. His resurrection power and redeeming blood are the same today as they ever were. The miracles in His name have not somehow been lost in the vault of time. His power has not faded or become worn out.

That same Holy Spirit is active, equipping, empowering, guiding, directing, comforting, and leading us into all truth. All to the glory of God, all pointing to the hope of eternity. All, moving in such a way in our midst that we too will proclaim, “we saw it with our own two eye!”

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