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Best Life

Live your best life. What exactly does that look like for you? What is the best of the best, and how do we aspire to live in such a precise peak of existence? Depends on who you ask, who defines your terms, and who decides what the “best” looks like.

Every time the world rallies around the Olympic games, we see the “best of the best” on a grand scale. Competitors line up in specific gear, at specific starting lines, courses, and finish requirements. Each country has patterns and colors displayed on uniforms and team gear, identifying athletes as part of an elite team. Finish times and placement scores differ by milliseconds, inches, points, and laps.

While the armchair athlete looks on with a personal best time that would never make the cut, we cheer and leap for those who make the time and gain the medal. The best get to stand on the platform, listen to their country’s anthem, don the medal, and hold the flowers. They have trained a lifetime for this moment. To all who witness it, this is the athletic best of the best.

They are living their best life.

Well, athletically speaking, yes. And hopefully, this is true in all areas. Unfortunately, it only takes a minute for the socials to blast the newest sob story of acclaimed athlete caught up in scandal. Or depression. Or substance abuse. Or financial ruin. Pick the drama, and chaos abounds behind the scenes of the games. Just like every other sphere of culture. Life is life. The best are the best. In their game. But the best don’t always hold the secret of the best life. Critics are quick to remind.

The best learn to live their lives in front of their critics. But is this the extent of the secret to the best life? Survival of the fittest, survival of the most resilient?

Oh, the secret. Of the best life. There is one place to find the best life. For all of us. The athlete, the mathlete, influencer, and the wanderer. We all have access to a life grander and more joyful than anything we have ever imagined. We have been given the invitation of a lifetime. Literally.

Jesus has given us access to the best life. Through His perfect sacrifice, death and resurrection over the grave, Jesus paid for our sin, once for all. Once for all! For all past, present and future. For you and me. At our worst. He offers His best.

Jesus holds out the miraculous gift of salvation, asking us to repent of our sins, and believe that He is able to forgive and redeem. Jesus loves with a deep, deep love, and He extends this invitation to us, in the midst of our sin. We can’t do anything to earn this gift in our own strength, yet it is freely given through His great mercy and grace. The ultimate gift. Just think about it. Your sin hanging on that cross, and Jesus has provided you forgiveness of sins, and redemption from that sin. Freedom. He has placed your feet on solid ground, giving you a distinct identity in Him.

A new name. His.

A new anthem. His.

A new hope, eternity.

A promise of the best life you could ever imagine.

Jesus came so that we would learn to live our lives to the glory of God.

Glory of God? How can we, mere mortals, glorify God in heaven? With our praise. With our submission to the Father, with our abiding love in Jesus, and our dependence on the Holy Spirit for comfort, peace, and direction. Every word, thought, action, fiber of our being pointing to the God of all Creation. The Lord of Lords. The Prince of Peace. The Maker of our Days.

It is He who gives us each breath in our lungs, it is He who thumps every beat of our heart. Together, the miracle of every system of this earthly tents of ours points directly to our Maker. Our Sustainer. Our Savior. Our hope. Our Future. It is He who gets every bit of glory. He is the only one on the platform, the only one deserving a medal, and the Creator of every beautifully unique flower.

It is Jesus who shows us the way to the best life. His way of forgiveness and redemption.

We are those who are called to live this best life. In Him. Believing, and trusting, making Him Lord of our life.

We will live this life in front of our critics. To keep Jesus Lord of our life, and focus on His ways, not moved by the chatter and chaos of the world. We answer to a higher authority.

To live each day to the glory of God. Basking in His love and presence, giving the Father all the glory for every good, better, and best thing that comes our way.

This is the best life. Given by the Giver of life. Embraced by those who live every second to the glory of God.

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