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Flip the Script

Flip the script. Change the default. Which direction will your brain go when all those daily thoughts kick in?

Negativity or positivity. Two directions. Two choices.

We have a choice. Every second of every day. Sometimes it takes every single one of those seconds for us to make a single second-long positive change. Sometimes right after that split-second change, the rest of the day’s seconds go right back to how we’ve been trained by the world’s wonky ways. Back to the patterns of the past. Negativity. Defeated thinking.

But, friend, don’t lose hope. Keep going. Progress is progress, no matter how long it takes.

Like Dory, our favorite very determined fish on a wild adventure, just keep swimming. Don’t give up. Don’t settle for defeat. Cherish every experience on your journey, even the tough days. You’ve made it this far! Look how far you’ve come! It is worth it to periodically stop, re-assess, and see the growth you’ve already had. You’ll be surprised and might just catch a glimpse of how amazing you really are! Yes, you. You, my friend, are amazing.

Take note of all the phenomenal things God has done in your life, from the simplest blessings to the biggest mountains that have moved. Pause and praise Him. For all He has done. All He is. The Father lavishes His love on us in so many ways, every single day. What if I told you He has even bigger things, even more, for your future?!? Yep, that’s the God we serve.

Don’t let the doubts you have when you aren’t even sure why you started to try to change take hold. Don’t be discouraged, even on the days where you can’t see any progress, and it’s just too hard.

Keep going. It’s worth it.

Cling to Jesus, and His transforming power. Allow the Holy Spirit to move in your life, bringing you His comfort, His equipping power to help you pursue holiness. Feel the Spirit’s fresh wind of faith blowing over you, giving you the wind needed in your sails to cross the seas of life. When that sea gets stormy, don’t forget it is Jesus who calms the storm. It is He who will bring you safely to shore.

Trust that Jesus will fill the boat of your life with His people, the ones who are truly for your good. Jesus longs for you to find people who love you and want to walk alongside you. Friends who celebrate every victory with you, friends who refuse to dwell on your defeat. Cherish these people. They are a rare gift.

Flip the script! Change the default. You are an overcomer. You have a hope and a future! God desires nothing less than your complete healing, complete joy to replace all sadness, and complete communion with Him in heaven. God loves you more than you could ever fathom. You are His favorite! 😉

4 responses to “Flip the Script”

  1. Thank you Jennifer, I needed this today!


    1. (c)2023 Jennifer Devlin Avatar
      (c)2023 Jennifer Devlin

      Thanks for walking this road with me!


  2. Hi! My precious friend, every day you bless me by reminding me what the Lord has truly done and given to me in this life on earth. I love you, Sandra Posey


    1. (c)2023 Jennifer Devlin Avatar
      (c)2023 Jennifer Devlin

      Love you too! Thanking God for you and our friendship.


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