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Revival in the Rear View?

So it has been a month since the miracle of a non-stop prayer meeting drew followers far and wide. We marveled at what God was doing. We praised for the praise. We repented in our own places and wondered if that fire would fall in our rooms and gatherings. FOMO of the godliest kind. We watched the reels and read the comments, finding our mental place in the race to revival.

Then the spontaneous meeting ended. The socials went quiet. Life had to go on. And here we are. Next on the agenda, God’s timing brought forth a movie to move the masses. Perfect timing, keep the embers burning. Lord God, will we continue to seek You with that same intensity? What now?

Make no mistake, God is moving. People are coming to faith. The gospel spark has lit embers still burning. The moment is still momentous. The challenge for followers of our faith is to pursue intentional ways to continue stoking the fires for forgiveness and redemption.

Easter is about a month away. So, here we are, peeps, in the middle.

Stuck smack dab between revival and resurrection.

We have a great opportunity here, me and you. As followers of Jesus, looking for His presence in our lives, we are in the exact right time and place, no matter the space we are in right now. As intercessors, we have the call, the urgent call, to prepare fertile soil for that Easter phenomenon. The time of year when visitors and vacationers find themselves walking into unfamiliar churches, possibly quite unfamiliar with the God who saves. As they file in, find a seat, and flip through the program, the opportunity to extend the invitation is given. Preachers of all shapes and sizes, all stripes and types of suits and sermons put on their Sunday best in hopes of hitting a home run.

The Gospel will be preached.

The message of eternity will be shared.

The hope of life will be extended for any and all to receive.

Join with me in praying that every seed that has ever been planted for the kingdom will be watered perfectly by the Lord and will bear much fruit. That any wanderer or wonderer who walks through a church door will find life. Pray for all those seeds, every truth and verse, to come to mind, and spring forth in glorious display as God connects every dot, drawing them to a relationship with Jesus Christ. Pray that this is the moment. Their moment. Their life-changing moment.

We still need You more than ever, Jesus. We long to have your Spirit move in power in our midst. We hunger for the purity of worship and fellowship with other hungry believers. And, in this season of revival and resurrection, we pray that we would be the workers sent to the harvest field. Use us Lord, to bring in the harvest.

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