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In our search for quick answers, we often walk into a room, or shout from the next room, a request for somebody to do something. You know, Hey, can somebody…or can anybody….followed by some request to accomplish a task we just didn’t feel like finding out or completing ourself.

Generally, whenever the request for somebody or anybody chimes across the air, my pat answer becomes, somebody/anybody isn’t here! Resolved only when the thought is reframed, including a specific recipient, bringing a much better answer.

Somebodies are funny people. Generic by description, they are the figment of hope wrapped in a fuzzy blanket of usefulness. If we can just find somebody, anybody, to address our need, we’d be fine! No answer? Well, clearly we didn’t shout loud enough. So, a more booming voice resounds and an increasingly impatient expectation looms. Unfortunately, many times this brings the chorus of crickets and not much else.

The world has an anybody/somebody formula for frustration that leaves us peeking under every rock, peering behind every curtain, and longing throughout our days for the figment of fleeting answers found in an imaginary manmade world.

We will never find the truth we seek when we look in places not tethered to the actual truth. God’s truth.

God is waiting for us to realize our generalities miss the mark. He is the One who has the answers to those questions, the resources for those needs, and the actions to fill the needs we can’t seem to fix.

The Lord delights in the moments when we move beyond the world’s cry for an earthly somebody to fix our situation, and we refocus our gaze on Him, the One who brings true transformation. When we finally see that only God can move in our situation. When we understand He is there and has been there for us all along. The Lord has been for our good, and will continue to be for our good.

He is good.

When we seek God, in our distress, need, or questions, I do believe He brings the somebodies of life along side. The Father has a way of drawing a specific, yet seemingly random person, to speak, love, embrace and encourage in ways we don’t expect.

In our need for anybody to do something, God does the best things ever.



With our spiritual growth and our glorification of Him in mind.

Somebodies matter to God, when God is the tether to that somebody’s interaction with us.

Sometimes it takes somebody else, guided by the Holy Spirit, to remind you who you are, what you are capable of doing, and how far you’ve come. To affirm what is happening right in front of you. Inside you. Bubbling out of you. For all to see.

Praise God for His somebodies of life. They help us spring back to life, stretching out the parched and wrinkled leaves of our existence, as fresh water rejuvenates the wilting corners of our hope and dreams. Breathing new life into old sails. Providing a reminder of the gumption that has remained hidden in the depths of our soul for far too long.

Thank you, God, for somebody. Your somebody. The specific somebody You have intertwined in our life, to bring life. Your life. For Your glory.

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