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You are Loved

What if I told you there was someone so intensely in love with you, so taken with everything about you, that they would search for you to the ends of the earth until they found you? And when found, they would run to you, like those epic love scenes from Hollywood, across a vast field, with arms spread wide, both parties running full speed into each other’s arms? The embrace to eclipse all embraces. The pure love and desperate longing to have you in their presence. Pure love. Without strings. Without a catch. Without a scheme or an ulterior motive. Just freely given to a beautiful bride.

This is the kind of love our innermost being craves.

And this is the love of our Father in heaven.

For each of us.

While we are lost. While we are found. In our joy. In our suffering. Sunny or rainy days, amidst heat parched lands or monsoon rivers. He thinks we are the most amazing creation of all. The Father looks at us with the sweetest adoration and says we not only matter; we are beautiful. You, my friend, are beautiful.

Jesus and His perfect love is extended to all who would say yes, Lord. He is our protector. He brings salvation. He secures our hope of a future in heaven. He has our back. He is our peace. He gives us refuge from adversity. He is our sweet joy, nudging the edges of our downcast mouth into the sweetest smile of praise. He heals all our broken places and sets us on a firm foundation. The love of Jesus brings us to a place we could never reach on our own, and it is a place of wholeness and healing.

The love of Jesus is the craving of our heart. Yes, even yours. The fellowship of the Savior is the cry of our heart. Yes, even if we don’t think we need it. And when we find this relationship, and say yes to His proposal, the best thing we can do is nurture it. Hold tight to it. Not forsake it or neglect it. This is the purest love we will ever know. Don’t waste a minute!

Unfortunately, in complete human fashion, we’ve a tendency to let this love get stagnant. Forget how He deeply loves. Lose sight of how He is fighting our battles, right now, even in this moment. We get distracted by the world’s squirrels and turn away from the intoxicating gaze of our Savior, switching our view to the fleeting attention of humanity.

Today, right where you are, take a moment to refocus your eyes. Are your eyeballs exiting stage left watching a squirrel jump into the trees? Blink twice if you hear me, and look again, afresh, to the Savior who loves you so.

Take a minute to think about all He says about you. You are worthy of love. You are beautiful. You are whole in Him. You are a child of God. Cling to His truth and all He says about you. Embrace the protection, guidance, and authority He has in your life, bringing you into the best He has for you. Remember the love that ran to you as you ran from sin into the loving arms of salvation. It has not diminished. Jesus has not taken it back. He hasn’t given up on you. This love is yours for the taking. And keeping. Yours for the living. Today is a new day. Bask in His pure love once again.

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