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Victory Lap

What does victory look like, exactly? We are immersed in a culture obsessed with winning. Being the best. Hitting goals, making sales, reaching status and fame. All with a posed selfie to record the accomplishment.

Many areas of life have a well-defined victory requirement. Meet a set goal. Cross the finish line. Meet markers set beforehand, in precise and quantifiable ways. Easy to define and reach goals make victory a well-oiled machine. Reach the finish line, get the medal. Done.

Oh, dear friend, then there are the ways of God and the modes of His victory laps in a life.

Such clear-cut man-made benchmarks seem to fade, as we evaluate victory according to His grace and mercy, and not our skill and ability alone.

With Jesus and this road of faith, we start behind the curve, as people lost and weary, without hope, and desperate for a Savior. All of us. Every human in every era ever. We all fall short.

God says to be victorious; this is how you come into the kingdom: through Jesus Christ.

His perfect sacrifice for us, giving us access we could never earn in our own strength, is available. Waiting.

Oh, and no worries about cleaning up and getting it all right before you say yes. Jesus says while you are a sinner, you are welcome. In fact, that’s the only way.

So, check this out. Our failure and falling short are the criteria of our initial path to victory with Jesus. We show up broken, and He says yes! You win! You are welcome to come as you are and become a child of God. His perfect love made perfectly available to us, imperfect humanity.

In your mess. In your sin.

Just come to the feet of Jesus, repent and let Him cover your sins, forgiving you, and providing you access to all God has for you. Newness of life.

As we receive this victorious gift, we submit to the kingship of Jesus, let His victory become our victory, and begin this newness of life that builds win upon win, victory upon victory, praise upon praise.

The sweetest thing about God’s victory lap in a believer’s life is everyone’s journey looks different.

Yet, they are all the same victory in the eyes of Jesus. Whatever battle scars we walk in with, whatever bitter thoughts remain in the depths of our inner being, whatever better path God already has for us, it is ours. And His. He says I see you, child, I will carry you through the battle, and I have a better, less bitter future ahead for you. I alone bring your victory, and it is more than you could ever imagine.

Funny thing is we can see God move in our life in perfect victory and slide back into the counterfeit “victories” the world wants us to chase more than we pursue Him. Like the number on a scale. Or the number of followers on our socials. Or the number of baubles in our treasure box. Or the number of toys in our garage. None, I mean none, of these things are a requirement of God’s victory lap in our life.

While fruitful or fun, they fall short of God’s benchmarks in a believer’s life. So, can I just give you permission to chill a second and give yourself a break? Not neglect, but rest. Peace.

If you are a new creation in Christ Jesus, you are victorious. Period.

Right here. Right now. Regardless of the mirror, the scale, the bank statement, or the Joneses.

There is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus.

This is what victory looks like.

Take some time today and ask God to show you the triumphant ways you have already overcome the struggles in your life. I bet you are already keenly aware of a few. But God’s list is much longer than anything we could think of, because He sees the victories we overlook, and He sees the end of the story. So, He knows what is still to come in your life. And I bet it’s beautiful. Celebrate what hasn’t even happened yet. Because He is no doubt about to move in your life. And will continue to do so. For His glory, and for your victory lap.

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